Artist Statement:


Salt Lake City, UT- JEZTIKAL is an independent lyricist attempting to break the cycle of infinite loops, breaks and samples in hip-hop music. Right now, JEZTIKAL is a Frankenstein of resurrected synthesizers connected to drum machines, lyrically wandering around like Micheal Myers through the house that Jack built.



Artist Bio:


Salt Lake City, UT- JEZTIKAL has been a professional artist for the past eight years. JEZTIKAL uses Ableton Live, SP1200, MPC2000XL, ProTools, Roland 808, Jupiter 4, Technic, Shure, Fender and Roland to create their sound.


JEZTIKAL is currently in the creative process of working on an album.





Salt Lake City, UT- JEZTIKAL is a lyricist who weaves concepts and patterns through surreal soundscapes created with both vintage and modern hip-hop recording gear. JEZTIKAL doesn't really follow modern trends in hip-hop or pop music because trends are temporary and become dated after a few years. JEZTIKAL breaks apart elements of different styles of music and reconstructs them to become a dynamic fusion of self-expression over experimental hip-hop production.


“I've known MN hip hop innovator Jordan Miche since 2006 Twin Cities Celebration of Hip-hop. Always happy to support whatever he puts out, especially when it's this dope. This is his latest project: Oscify and Jeztikal, 'Terminatrix.'”

Chaz Kangas, GO 95.3 FM (Jul 05, 2018)